Our Men-at-Arms

We recognize that armed guards are often used in much the same capacity as their unarmed counterparts. To that respect any of the services which are available as unarmed are available as armed at the customers request. Or mixed and matched as needed. 

That being said we are also aware of numerous specialized situations in which one might need an armed guard. For that reason rather than echo content on the previous pages we would like to provide a brief insight into the nature of armed guards and then provide you with a form to submit for more information. 


When do i need an armed guard?

Choosing between armed and unarmed can be a difficult decision. Whoever, even though they are more costly, there are times when it is advantageous to have an armed guard.

  • What is being guarded is very valuable. Do a cost to benefit analysis and see if the extra safety is worth it to you.

  • You want to make a statement. Seeing a simple security guard is a big deterrent already. Seeing an armed guard, especially one they know had to pass an accuracy test to have that firearm, is all the more intimidating.

  • You work in a dangerous industry. Certain industries are more prone to being victims of strong arm or violent robberies. Examples would be jewelry stores, MMJ establishments, banks and so on. In these high risk industries it is almost always beneficial, and fiscally possible, to have armed guards.

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