One of Our Specialties


Crowd Control

From a party in the backyard with a couple dozen people, to the concert with a couple thousand people, Prudent Security has done it all. Many of the vetrens of our company cut their teeth on crowd control and event gigs when starting out and this expertise has only been refined with time. 

Site Security

This is our bread and butter. The demand for security has been growing in Los Angeles and its nearby areas nice the Nineties. We are hear to meet that rise in demand. Doesn't matter if you need a bouncer for your bar or a whole crew of uniformed security guards to watch your business. We have what you need. 

Loss Prevention

A more specialized version of traditional site security, these individuals are undercover, in plain clothes. They watch cameras, patrol stores, and monitor customers all nearly invisibly. If you have an issue with shoplifting or covert theft then this might just be your best bet. 

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