What We Offer

Prudent Security is one of the premier licensed PPO holders in SoCal. With over a decade of experience in the security field we truly are the prudent choice regardless of your security needs. Below are some broad section breakdowns of the services we offer. If you do not see the services you need represented don't worry, we might still have them. Simply go to our Hire Us page and contact with us for more information. 


Unarmed Guards

Sometimes you need an extra pair of eyes. Or an imposing body. Or maybe enough people to control a massive group of people at the party of the year. Or maybe you just need someone to watch your shop for you.

Whatever your needs Prudent Security has your unarmed needs met. From crowd control to daily security guards at a site.


Armed Guards

Sometimes its not enough to just have a warm body to observe and report. Sometimes you need someone trained and able to protect you and yours. 

That's where armed security comes in. Fully licensed, these guards will protect your site or event with steel. 


Executive Protection

From celebrities to powerful business executives, we understand that certain individuals have exceptional security needs. Our expert staff has experience in VIP protection and more.

If you have a very important person you need to protect you need to make the Prudent Choice.

For when you want to keep your business, event, or any other situation safe and secure.

At Prudent Security we offer a wide variety of unarmed security options. We are capable of securing and protecting everything from retail spaces to events on the largest scale. You can make the Prudent Choice regardless of if you need a single unarmed security individual to watch a vacant home overnight, or if you need a hundred crowd control experts for an massive musical event. 


All our armed guards are licensed, trained, and experienced. We pride ourselves on picking from only the best security professionals across all our departments, but in no place is this as important as with an armed security guard. In an age of public shootings, terrorism, and rising crime; an armed guard is the only choice for those serious about their security.

Further if you have additional questions or concerns feel free to click the button below to be linked to more information about what our services entail. Alternatively click on our Hire Us button to contact us and ask any questions you might have. 

For when you need a higher grade of protection. 

Through out history people have found need to protect themselves, their homes, and their businesses with men carrying steel. A few hundred years ago this would have been a sword, in our era however this has been replaced by the fire arm. 

The rational remains the same however; we live in a dangerous world and must protect ourselves.

So if you find yourself in need of a modern day swordsman, give Prudent Security a call.  


Keeping your most valuable players safe from harm. 

From protecting your family on a trip, to ensuring you make it to that business meeting hassled, and even simply avoiding the daily annoyances of fame; Prudent Security has your back. From Ex-military and police personnel to professional bodyguards, we can provide you with exactly the right individual to ensure the safty of your VIP.