Founded by Michael Prudent, Prudent Security is one of the premier new security companies in Southern California. 


Our company might be new, but we are old hands. 

Prudent Security is the result of years of experience within the security, customer service, and marketing industries coming together to make something new. Something better. 

The way we see the majority of the security industry is stagnated. Things work much the way they have for the past few decades. However, with the threats we face today changing and adapting, so must we. 

Prudent Security is dedicated to providing you with a modern, streamlined, and technologically savvy security service that is able to fulfill whatever need we come across. 

We are the Prudent Choice. 




Michael Prudent
Partner, CEO, PPO Holder


Latricee Prudent
Partner, CFO


Associates & Staff


Maisah Gardner

Chief Operations Officer






Kimberly Moore

Administrative Assistant